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At Darnhall, we love to promote the culture and language of different countries. During our weekly Mordern Foreign Language sessions, we focus on the French language. Throughout the children's time in Key Stage 2, they will develop upon their vocabularly each year from Year 3 to Year 6. Teaching focuses on speaking, writing and reading the language in creative and practical ways. The children at Darnhall have a real love and excitement for learning a new language! This shows through the children and teachers incorporating this language into their day to day lessons in school. Most teachers are greeted with 'Bonjour!' in the register and children love to share with their teachers any extra language they have developed at home. The lively lessons delivered by class teachers show the passion for the subject and it is evident children have a real desire to learn about other countries and their languages.

Not only do we do this through the teaching of French in KS2 but through our creative and unique geography passport days which run throughout the whole school. Throughout these days, we explore different countries and their languages. This is a great cross curricular opportunity to widen the children's experience of Mordern Foreign Languages. 


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