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Here you will find all of the exciting and wonderful things that your child will be learning during their time in Year 6. If you have any questions, please use Class Dojo or speak to a member of our team at drop off/ pick up.

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Summer 1 

Jervis - English.JPG

In English this half term, we will be looking at the book 'Shackleton's Journey' by William Grill. This is a new text and we will cover two main writing outcomes over the 6 week half term (3 weeks on outcome 1 and 3 weeks on outcome 2)   

book.png Shackleton's Journey: 1


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In Reading, the children will embark on an enriching literary journey as they delve into the Great Adventurers and the incredible expeditions of 20 amazing explorers. This non-fiction text will follow the usual structure - predict, explore vocabulary, read and retrieve and read and explain.  


Alastair Humphreys' Great Adventurers



We will be using our different VIPERS skills: Vocabulary, Infer, Predict, Explain, Retrieve and Summarise to improve our understanding of what we read.'



'Reading for Pleasure' has great amounts of benefits for your child. In Year 6, we ensure your child has time to read for pleasure and each day, we set time aside to read our class book for pleasure. 


Benefits of 'reading for pleasure':

Inspires imagination and creativity.

Enrinches cultural awareness and understanding. 

Increases empathy and improves relationships with others.

Lifts well-being levels and improves mood.

Improves progress in vocabulary, spelllings and even maths.

Encourages children to take a screen break.

Read with your child every day even if it is just 2 minutes- this can make all the difference. 
Record in their reading diaries to ensure that your child is receiving their stamp for their book from the vending machine, or reading buddy. 

Darnhall Primary - Frequent Reader Book Worm.jpg

You could ask your child about what they think might happen next in the story, how do they think the character is feeling, who is the author and what do they do. 

St Francis Catholic Primary School, Morley - Reading Get Free Printable Posters for Your Classroom or Library | Reading quotes  kids, Library quotes, Reading posters reading quote.jpg


Jervis - Maths.JPG

In the upcoming term, the children are set to engage in a comprehensive and stimulating exploration of mathematical concepts, focusing on Algebra, Fractions and Decimals, and Statistics. The curriculum aims to provide a solid foundation in algebraic thinking, empowering students to decipher patterns, solve equations, and enhance their problem-solving skills. Additionally, the exploration of Fractions and Decimals will deepen their understanding of numerical relationships, enabling them to tackle complex mathematical operations with confidence. The inclusion of Statistics in the curriculum will introduce students to the world of data analysis, fostering skills in interpreting and representing information. This term promises to be an exciting and enriching mathematical journey for the children, equipping them with the tools necessary for helping them achieve their goals regarding SATS.

During our maths topics, there is a large focus within TimesTables. We will, therefore, be building on our times table knowledge as we will be using this to help us solve our maths problems. 

Times Tables — Fazakerley Primary School

Children will have ongoing access to their TT Rockstars logins at home. I will set your child specific times tables for them to practice. Please ensure that your child is practising them at home as it is very beneficial for their learning.

If you have misplaced your child's login, please drop me a message on Dojo and I will resend for you.


Jervis - Science.JPG

In the upcoming Science lessons, the children are poised to embark on an electrifying exploration as they delve into the fascinating realm of electricity. This module will offer an in-depth understanding of the principles and phenomena that govern the flow of electrical currents, the behaviour of circuits, and the practical applications of electricity in everyday life. From unravelling the mysteries behind conductors and insulators to experimenting with circuit components, the children will actively engage in hands-on activities to deepen their comprehension of this crucial scientific concept. The study of electricity will not only cultivate scientific inquiry skills but also encourage a broader appreciation for the role of electricity in powering the technological advancements that shape our world. As they navigate through this electrifying curriculum, the children are will hopefully develop a keen interest in the wonders of science and gain valuable insights into the dynamic forces that drive our modern existence.

Jervis - French.JPG

This upcoming term, the children are set to learn about the Olympics in French.

Jervis - Humanities.jpg


In the upcoming Humanities lessons, the children are gearing up for an exciting exploration of the "Amazing Americas." This thematic study promises to take them on a captivating journey across the diverse landscapes, cultures, and histories that define North and South America. From the ancient civilizations of the Aztecs and Incas to the modern vibrancy of cities like New York and Rio de Janeiro, students will delve into the rich tapestry of this vast and multifaceted continent. The curriculum will not only encompass geography but also touch upon the social, cultural, and historical aspects that contribute to the uniqueness of the Americas. Through interactive lessons, students will have the opportunity to appreciate the interconnectedness of the nations in the Americas and gain a profound understanding of the impact these regions have had on global history and society. The "Amazing Americas" module is poised to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a broader cultural awareness among the children.


Jervis - Music.JPG

Your child will have a music lesson each week where they will learn to play and explore their musical abilities. This half term we will be looking at Ancient Worlds. The children will explore Ancient Greece with music inspired by Theseus, Orpheus and Echo. 

We will also look at singing Food and Drink! They will be serving up a feast of chants, songs and performances. Composing word rhythms, singing a round, and creating musical recipies!

Song Title Images – Browse 1,482 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe  Stock

Jervis - PE.JPG

Your child will have 2 PE lessons each week. Their days this half term are Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure they come into school in their PE kit on these days. This half term we will be developing your child's Hockey skills as well as learning how to play Handball!

Uniform April.jpg

Jervis - Homework.JPG

 Mondays- Each Monday, your child will be given 10 spellings to learn over the course of the week. They will complete a spelling test each Friday, and, if they receive a mark of 10/10,  they will get a Dojo point. They will have opportunities to learn their spellings each morning in class, however, extra practice at home is essential.

Thursdays- Each Thursday, your child will be given either maths or English homework (alternating weeks). Homework is expected to be in the following Tuesday via the portfolio section of our class Dojo page. Children who have completed their homework on time will be given a Dojo point. 

Every day- Your child should read as often as possible when not in school and this should be logged via the Go-Read app, if you can not access this, simply write on a scarp piece of paper the name of the book your child has read aand the pages they have read and we can log this for you. 

Please note: I will often upload additional activities and links for your child to support their learning at home, however this is not specific homework, this is just a little extra for them. For example, I may upload interactive links to games that I know they will like. 


Other useful links:

Please see below links to useful websites for your child to use when they are at home. I will be adding to the list throughout the course of the year so please make sure you check for updated links.

Oxford Owl - Linked to our phonics Read, Write Inc programme   

Story Nory - A range of stories by classic authors as well as poems musicals and fairytales. 

Story Berries- Read along with audio clips.

Monkey Pen-  Free downloadable children’s books in PDF format.

Free Children’s Stories-

Keeping Safe Online- 

Topmarks- A great way for children to practise many of their maths skills

Newsround is a very good outlet for your child to watch each day to gain a wider understanding of what is happening not only in our country, but the rest of the world. We will be watching newsround every afternoon in class. 


Newsround 2019 Theme | Newsround Sonic Branding - Molecular Sound

Time Tables Rock Stars » Elmwood Junior School


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