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Mr Richard Strachan

Chair of Governors

Safeguarding and Looked After Children and Finance Governor and Head Teacher’s Performance Management


7077s99x132-removebg-preview.pngMrs Jackie Stringer

Co-Vice Chair of Governors

Finance, School Website and PR Governor and Head Teacher’s Performance Management


37eb7554-ba79-4be7-adb5-cd46fbfef975.jpgMs Stephanie Crane

Co-Vice Chair of Governors

Deputy Safeguarding and Looked After Children Governor and Head Teacher’s Performance Management


994a0fd6-27f5-4cc4-a21d-c466ef5ba7aa-removebg-preview.pngMr Colin Meachin

Pupil Premium Governor


e657a667-d4a2-4123-95fd-30e5d8f328df-removebg-preview.pngMr Christopher Bate

SEND and Co-Pupil Premium Governor


ling-removebg-preview.pngMiss Lyndsey Tasker

Finance Governor

Parent Governor

Image__1_-removebg-preview.pngMr Richard Mault 

Finance Governor 

Parent Governor 

7166s95x137-removebg-preview.pngMrs Sarah Tomlinson



What is the role of our school Governors?

The Governing Body of our school is made up of parents and expert members of the local community who are passionate about delivering the best possible educational opportunities and outcomes for the children in our Nursery and Primary School. 
We take our role very seriously and regularly complete skills audits to make sure we have the right people with the right experience to help us make good decisions that are ambitious for our children. 
School governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools. They appoint the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher. The role of the Governing Board is a strategic one with three key functions:

Making sure the school’s money is well spent. 

Holding the headteacher to account 

Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

We have a full Governing Body meeting once a month and a finance review meeting every term. 
Our Governing Body currently consists of the following types of Governors:
1 x Head teacher
2 x Parent – represents the parents and children. Parent Governors are elected by other parents at the school.
1 x Staff – Staff Governors are elected by the school staff. Their role is not to represent staff, nor to stand alongside the Head Teacher in being held to account by the Governing Body, but to operate as part of the Governing Body to provide strategic leadership and to hold the Head Teacher to account. 
7 x Co-opted Governors - Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body. They are people who in the opinion of the Governing Body have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.
1 x Local Authority - Local Authority Governors are nominated by the local authority but appointed by the Governing Body.
The Chair of Governors can be contacted on -
Or by ringing the school office on 01606 593315

Sandyhill Road,
CW7 1JL,
and Darnhall School Lane CW7 1JR
Mrs Sarah Tomlinson, Headteacher
Mr Davie Kindon, SEN Contact