Grasshopper Class (Year 1) 2023 - 2024

Welcome to the class page for Grasshopper Class.

Here you will find all of the exciting and wonderful things that your child will be learning during their time in Year 1. If you have any questions, please use Class Dojo or speak to a member of our team at drop off/ pick up.

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Summer 1

Jervis - English.JPG

This term our class will be looking at the book The Secret of Black Rock by Joe Todd-Stanton.




Our writing focuses are:

  • Punctuate sentences using a capital letter and a full stop, question marks and exclamation marks
    • Join words and clauses using and
    • Use of the prefix un-
    • Accurate use of suffixes (where no change 
    is needed to the root of the word) e.g. ed, -ing, -er, -est 

The children will be working on using story language, character and setting description and will be sequence simple sentences to form short narratives.  


Weekly spellings can be found on class dojo

These will be put on class dojo on a Monday and will be tested the following Friday.


Jervis - Maths.JPG

This term in maths we are going to be working on:

Multiplication and division


Position and direction

Place value within 100





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Everyday 8.50 - 9.30 am we will have our phonics lesson. Each child will bring home a shiny book and paper book which are matched to the sounds they are learning in their phonics group. Your child will have read the paper copy already in school and will be able to share this with you independently. The shiny book will be new to them and they may require some adult support with this as they decode the

Reading Expectations

Read with your child every day even if it is just 2 minutes- this can make all the difference. 
Please record all home reading in your child’s reading diary so we can ensure that your child is receiving their vending machine book or reading buddy. 

When reading, ask your child about what they think might happen next in the story, how they think the character is feeling, who the author is and what do they do. 

It does not have to be their paper or shiny book they read, it can be any. Remember, you too can read to them - change your voice for expression, bring the characters to life. 
Shiny book bag books MUST be returned to school every day ready to be changed every Monday. 
Paper books ( they are the same as what they are reading within their phonics lesson to promote confidence) should be coming into school every day so that they are ready to be changed every 3rd read within their phonics lesson. 
Reading diaries MUST come in every day regardless of whether or not they have been written in - we cannot replace them if they are continuously being lost or not taken care of.  


Darnhall Primary - Frequent Reader Book Worm.jpg

St Francis Catholic Primary School, Morley - Reading


Get Free Printable Posters for Your Classroom or Library | Reading quotes  kids, Library quotes, Reading posters


reading quote.jpg


Jervis - Science.JPG

This term in Science we will be learning about plants. 

The children will:

Name different types of trees and plants.

Identify and name evergreen and deciduous trees.

Name the main parts of a tree.

Name the main parts of a plant. 

Jervis - Humanities.jpg

This term we will studying History where we will:

Look at the topic ‘Heroes.’

We will be focusing on significant people such as: Christopher Columbus, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Florence Nightingale.

We will be looking at their impact and what makes someone significant.



Jervis - Music.JPG


Your child will have a music lesson each week, where they will learn to play instruments and explore their musical abilities. This half term, Year 1 will be focusing on: beat and pitch

Children will develop understanding of metre, grouping of steady beat through counting body percussion and reading scores.

Children will use voices, movement and instruments to explore changes of pitch. They will develop a performance with different vocal pitch shapes and tuned percussion.




Jervis - PE.JPG

In PE this term, the children will be focusing on improving our jumping skills and our bat and ball skills.

Uniform April.jpg

Your child will have 2 PE lessons each week. Please ensure they come into school in their PE kit on these days. 



Jervis - Homework.JPG

Our homework menu can be found on the class dojo. Please upload any activities your child has completed – they can of course bring these into school too


Useful links

class dojo


Rules of spellings
"ee" sound in a "y" sound e.g. smelly, cheeky, belly, sneaky. 
turning the "y" into an "i" for pural use e.g. babys - babies,  cherrys- cherries, berrys- berries. 

Sentences and Writing Expectations 
Is your child consistently using captial letters for the start of their sentence, names of places and people?
Is your child consistently using the correct punctuation to finish a sentence? E.g. The black dragon flew across the dark sky. What would you like for your birthday? Charlie was so exicted! 
Is your child using a range of adjectives to describe? E.g The red, hot fire crackled. 
Is your child using the word 'and' to join two clauses together? E.g. A huge and grumpy orge. 
Is your child using the suffix -ed, -ing, -est, -er? 

Home resource - Youtube 
Simply type in "tricky words set 2 / 3 to support your child's learning of red words they find within their RWI books. 
Question starters - why, who, when, where, how, do...great home resource simply type in "Question Starters"  look for the red background.
Jack Hartman - Multiply by 2,3,5,10 (youtube)
Oxford Owl - phonics 
Learning walks - asking your child what a tree or the clouds look like, how many birds they can see, counting how many cars they saw. 


General Reminders:

Please ensure that your child's belongings are clearly labelled – uniform, water bottles etc.

Water bottles should contain water only.

Most communication will be done via Class Dojo. This is a great way to upload and home learning and WOW moments. You can also use this to contact your child’s class teacher if you have any questions or concerns.


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