Grasshopper Class (Year 1) 2022 - 2023

Teacher: Miss Harrison

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Smith

Please remember school gates open at 8:25 and the school day commences at 8:30. The school day ends at 3:10.
PE Days Summer 1  - Tuesday and Friday please ensure that your child comes to school wearing the appropriate and correct uniform. 
Forest schools FIRST 2 WEEKS ONLY 
18.04.2023 and 25.04.2023 Forest School Attire

Here you will find useful information about our learning and the things we are getting up to in Centipede Class!

Summer 1 

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Our English text for Summer 1 is:

Toys in Space 
Written by Mini Grey

The children are continuing to focus upon developing their ability to use captial letters and full stops to construct sentences. 
In addition to this, they will be using conjuctions such as 'and' and 'because' and the pronoun 'I',
as well as developing and enriching their vocabulary with exicting new adjectives and nouns.
      We will be writing structured descriptions, explanations and narratives and make inferences on the basis of what is being said and done. In addition, we will also be participating in discussions about what has been read.



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In maths we are beginning our Multipilication and Division topic focusing on groups of 2, 5 and 10, as well as finding equal groups, making arrays, making doubles and sharing. We have also set ourselves a challenge of learning our 3 and 4 timestables during our 15 minute timetable starter. 

We love using Jack Hartman for our 2, 5 and 10's great accessible home resource. 



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This term's science topic is Plants. We will be developing on previously taught knowledge in FS1 and FS2. Learning how the weather impacts on plants, the growing of plants, the process of photosynthisis and the climate impact. 
The children will also be looking at the differences between Evergreen and Deciduous trees and look at the difference between wild flowers and garden flowers.




This Summer 1  term, the children will be recapping jumping in different direction and speeds and begin to understand different reasons fo when, where and why we jump. 
We will also be looking at ball skills where the children will explore moving the balls using rackets and begin to understand the movement of the ball. 


Humanties - Geography

During Summer 1 the children will be learning about the journey that Christopher Columbus embarked on. Using terminology such as voyage, compass, direction, locality and map. The children will be taking their sticky knowledge from history as Christopher Columbus was one of our recognised significant figures. The children will also be exploring locality, climate, the Caribbean and much more! 


This Summer Term in Art the children will be making their own fabric faces using a range of fabrics and textiles. They will explore different fabrics, join fabrics together and attach different materials. The children will think of ideas and create their own designs. 


This Summer term the children will become engineers. They will be creating moving models with the use of wheels and axels. 

.  Year 1 Expecations 


Rules of spellings
"ee" sound in a "y" sound e.g. smelly, cheeky, belly, sneaky. 
turning the "y" into an "i" for pural use e.g. babys - babies,  cherrys- cherries, berrys- berries. 

Sentences and Writing Expectations 
Is your child consistently using captial letters for the start of their sentence, names of places and people?
Is your child consistently using the correct punctuation to finish a sentence? E.g. The black dragon flew across the dark sky. What would you like for your birthday? Charlie was so exicted! 
Is your child using a range of adjectives to describe? E.g The red, hot fire crackled. 
Is your child using the word 'and' to join two clauses together? E.g. A huge and grumpy orge. 
Is your child using the suffix -ed, -ing, -est, -er? 

Home resource - Youtube 
Simply type in "tricky words set 2 / 3 to support your child's learning of red words they find within their RWI books. 
Question starters - why, who, when, where, how, do...great home resource simply type in "Question Starters"  look for the red background.
Jack Hartman - Multiply by 2,3,5,10 (youtube)
Oxford Owl - phonics 
Learning walks - asking your child what a tree or the clouds look like, how many birds they can see, counting how many cars they saw. 

Reading Expecations

Read with your child every day even if it is just 2 minutes- this can make all the difference. 
Record in their reading diaries we need to ensure that your child is recieving their vending machine or reading buddy. 
Asking your child about what they think might happen next in the story, how do they think the character is feeling, who is the author and what do they do. 
It does not have to be their paper or shiny book they read it can be any, you can read to them- change your voice for expression, bring the characters to life. 
Shiny book bag books MUST be returned to school every day ready to be changed every Monday. 
Paper books ( they are the same as what they are reading within their phonics lesson to promote confidence), they should be coming into school every day - ready to be changed every 3rd read within their phonics lesson. 
Reading diaries MUST come in every day reguardless of whether or not they have been written in- we cannot replace them if they are continously being lost or not taken care of.  


Darnhall Primary - Frequent Reader Book Worm.jpg

General Reminders:

Please ensure that your child's uniform is clearly labelled.
Children's water bottles should contain water (unless we are notified as to why) again, bottle should be clearly labelled.
Most communition will be done via Class Dojo a great way to upload and home learning, WOW moments or if you have any questions or concerns.




Timetables and Key Events/ Dates 

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