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Welcome to the last half term in Bumblebee Class 

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We've had a very 'buzzy' year with lots of fun so let's keep it up for our last six weeks 


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This half term in maths the children will be taught time, statistics and position and direction. 


Time objectives

  • Tell the time to 5 minutes
  • Tell the time when it is both quarter past and quarter to the hour and draw the hands on a clock to show this
  • Know how many minutes are in an hour and how many hours are in a day
  • Read the time on a clock to the nearest quarter of an hour

Statistics objectives

  • Make tally charts
  • Collect and record data in block diagrams
  • Draw and interpret pictograms
  • Ask and answer questions about a range of data


Position and Direction

  • Learn the vocabulary for position and direction
  • Describe movements using the vocabulary
  • Describe movements and turns
  • Explore and record shapes and patterns


Times Tables 


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Year 2 is where the children begin to learn their times tables and by the end of the year the children are expected to know their 2s, 5s and 10 times tables. 

Please use Times Table Rockstars to practise your times tables -  https://ttrockstars.com/ 

The children take part in a weekly times table quiz. The first quiz is answering x10 questions within one minute. Once completed the next level is x2 and x5 questions in 2 minutes. 

The children love the weekly quiz. 

You could also visit: 






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This half term we will be using the book Grandad's Secret Giant to consolidate lots of previously taught skills and learning lots more new writing skills. For our final piece we will be writing a story with a moral focus. 


This half term we will be mastering:

  • Use of the progressive form of verbs in the present and past tense
  • Use present and past tenses correctly and consistently
  • Write down ideas, key words and new vocabulary
  • Use punctuation correctly introduce apostrophe for the possession
  • Write a range of sentences; statement, question, exclamation and command
  • Use expanded noun phrases to describe and specify
  • Use subordination (using when, if, that or because) and coordination (using or, and or, but)
  • Add suffixes to spell longer words eg: 'ment' and 'ful'
This half term we will be focusing on our enquiry skills and consolidating our learning from our previous topics this year: Animals and their habitats, animals and humans, plants and materials. We will use these topics to conduct investigations and observations for the next six weeks.
Comparative and Fair Testing - Changing one variable to see it's affect on another, whilst keeping all the others the same
Research - Using secondary sources of information to answer scientific questions
Observations over time - observing changes over a period of time. These observations make take seconds, minutes and hours (puddles evaporating ) or weeks and months (baby chicks hatching)
Pattern Seeking - Pupils observe, measure and record events and systems when carrying out pattern seeking enquiries. They also collect and interpret data from secondary sources. They make observations and conduct surverys where th variables can's easily be controlled for practical or ethical reasons. 
Identifying, classifying and grouping - Pupils make sense of how the world is organised. Identification is the process of using differences to name something and classification is organising things into groups. Opportunities to identify arise when pupils recognise not all birds are the same for example and can identify and name them. They can use observable and behavioural similarities to group them and add new things. 

Fun science activities to complete at home






Global Globe Trotters.

In Geography we will be:

  • Reading and creating maps
  • Learning map symbols and using them create our own simple maps
  • Name and use compass points
  • Follow a route using a map 



Summer Term - PE is on a Tuesday  and Thursday afternoon.Please remember to send your children in a full Darnhall Primary School PE kit.

In PE this half term we will be learning:

Team Building skills - inclusion, empathy, communication, fairness, following the rules and courage

Games for Understanding - Attack V Defence 

  • Do  pupils understand what attacking means?
  • Do pupils understand why games have rules?
  • Do pupils understand the consequences of breaking the rules of a game?
  • Can pupils create and apply simple attacking strategies?
  • Can pupils collaborate and take turns?
  • Can pupils count thier own score?


Forest School Skills 

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Our final half term of Forest School Skills is on a Friday afternoon. Please send your child to school in their Forest School kit with a spare pair of shoes. We will be learning these skills this half term:

  • Risk taking - fire safety
  • Self-esteem - improving others
  • Risk taking - fire creation
  • Risk taking - tools and safety
  • Reflection - our developments and individualities 




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For those children not on the Read, Write, Ink scheme we teach reading strategies using these 6 skills in our reading lessons. The book we will be using this half term is 'Grimm's Fairytales' by Usborne books. 

Please read your child's book every night and record it with a short comment in their reading diary. Remember each read earns a stamp on your child's reading worm and when their reading worm is full they can get a beautiful new book from the school vending machine. 


The link above will take you to a list of the books that are recommended for Year 2 children to read. There is a good list with a wide range of fun texts. 


Log into Oxford Owl and use your school login and password.There is a whole range of books that you can read at home together or support your child reading independently. 


Bumblebee Reading Challenge

Mug and a Mag Monday - Read a magazine, comic or newspaper with a drink of juice, milk or hot chocolate

Choose Tuesday - Choose your favourite book and curl up to read (you can re-read a book too if you really enjoy it)

Website Wednesday - Go online and have a listen to a story on You-Tube or another app

Three-Page Thursday -  Read 3 pages of your favourite book

Flashlight Friday - make yourself a cosy, little den and a torch to read with

Every time you read send a picture to the dojo classroom and you will receive 5 dojos and your photo will be posted on our 'Making the Headlines' reading wall.



By the end of year 2 the children are expected to be able to read and spell the above common exception words. Please practise these regularly with your child. You could use rainbow writing, write them in a pyramid, practise them in a sentence or find them in reading books. Attached is a full list that you can use to support you doing this.

The spellings will be put on the class dojo on a Monday and then the children will be tested on a Friday. Just 10 minutes practise a day will make a big difference and the children love to get 10 out of 10.



Above are a couple of good websites with online games to support learning both spelling and grammar. 


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Every week we have a PHSE lesson, exploring our emotions, feelings and health. Circle Time gives children the opportunity to discuss their feelings with each other. Our 'No Outsiders' programme offers a chance to explore relationships and emotions through thoughtful discussions and practical activities.

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Any problems don't forget you can message us on the classroom dojo. 


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