Bears Week 4 Overview

Date: 1st Feb 2021 @ 11:05am

I am yet again blown away by the superb learning that the children in Bear Class have produced for another week - both in school and remotely 🐻🥰🤩

Within English this week the children have written fantastic descriptive scenes inspired by our focus text 'The Lost Happy Endings'. These scenes have also included dialogue between two characters. 😊 At the end of the week, the children have planned and written the opening to their own stories 📝😃🌟👏

In Science, we have continued with our topic - Earth and Space - and the children have produced some wonderful work from the research they gathered about a famous astronomer named Galileo Galilei. 🔭

The children have also developed their understanding of the different phases of the Moon. Some children even represented the phases using Oreos! 🍪🌓🌖🌗🌘😃😊

In Geography, we have developed our understanding of the American States and the children chose one of the States to compare with our county of Cheshire! 🗺 I loved the various, creative ways that children chose to present their work. 👏😊🌟

Finally in Maths, the children have reviewed their understanding of equivalent fractions and how to change improper fractions to mixed numbers. This can be very tricky but I have been so impressed with the resilience the children have shown this week. 😊

I feel so proud of all of the children in Bear Class 🐻 💖 They are all working so hard both in school and remotely. They are all little superstars! 🌟🥰

I would like to say a huge thank you and well done to all of the grown ups supporting the children at home or juggling work and other commitments too. You are all amazing! 🥰

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Mrs Mul 💖

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