Sporting Achievements

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Here at Darnhall, we take part in as many sporting opportunities as we can. However, many pupils also belong to sports clubs and take part in a wide varierty of sports outside of school also. Here are highlights of some of their achievement

School Year 2023 - 2024

🏊‍♀️This young man has smashed his 10m swimming badge and Stanley Level 4 swimming badge and certificate. Well done!🏊‍♀️ 397500984_857153199747392_5612936369720185778_n.jpg
398234061_855343529928359_1707678154138855572_n.jpg ⚽️A hatrick for this young man, whilst playing for Crewe Alexander. Well done!⚽️
🏊‍♀️This young man has received his 25m swimming badge. Well done!🏊‍♀️ 397244760_854362183359827_8579408456123797836_n.jpg
392813595_853379750124737_8639469759536240508_n.jpg 🀸This young man has been awarded his level 2 at his gymnastics today. Well done! πŸŽ‰
⚽️Playing for Crewe Alexander, here is this talented young lady scoring 4 goals against Manchester United. Well done! πŸŽ‰βš½οΈ 391768377_853317513464294_491049010521975482_n.jpg
391592544_851033467026032_1180837016632185722_n.jpg 🏊‍♀️This young lady has acheived her 25m swimming badge. Well done!🏊‍♀️
🏊‍♀️This young man has recevied his 5m swimming badge. Well done! 🏊‍♀️ 391593530_849355207193858_255271508181799653_n.jpg
391582505_849353883860657_8285550238241616851_n.jpg 🀩Man of The Match this week for this young man. Well done!⚽️
🏊‍♀️This young man has received his 25 metres and Stage 3 swimming badges. Well done! 🏊‍♀️ 386701235_840413618088017_5477453664585404468_n.jpg387832906_840413608088018_1095353755792388449_n.jpg
384392484_836643925131653_3549258346964028787_n.jpg ⚽️Well done to our Girls’ football team, who participated in the Winsford Primary schools’ tournament at The Winsford Academy! πŸ€©
⚽️This young man played his 1st Match on Saturday and came away with man of the match and captain for next game. Well done!πŸŽ‰ 382117253_833481415447904_1258176678339975210_n.jpg
380106406_829939172468795_5290480753276128808_n.jpg ⭐️Well done, to this young man on receiving his Orange Belt in Karate!?
Colour Rush for this young man today with his mummy, who is one of our fab Governors, helping to raise money for St Luke’s Hospice 🌈 380047085_827963739333005_6003572718142714133_n.jpg
380053946_827855922677120_4564343785372904451_n.jpg ⚽️Crewe Alexander ETC 2023-2024 - this little lady is so excited to be given this amazing opportunity!⚽️
πŸ₯ŠBoxer of the week and player of the week at football, for this young man! As well as scoring two goals in his match ⚽️ ⭐️



378503925_824870406309005_4745813505801055070_n.jpg 🏊‍♀️ This superstar swimmer has achieved her 50m, 100m and 200m badges. Well done!πŸ₯‡
🏊‍♀️This young man has passed his Stage 4 swimming and 25m badges last night πŸ‘  Well done!🏊‍♀️ 378395057_823830706412975_5470033568261461933_n.jpg
378534411_823215823141130_556883115630999889_n.jpg ?? This young man played his first ever league match on Saturday and came away with Man of the Match!??
Yesterday, this young man competed in an open enduro track day in Wales. He had a great time! 378508547_823160899813289_2724082905213421188_n.jpg
380431284_823057029823676_2076669099579629279_n.jpg ⭐️Dancing at The Winsford Salt Festival - two of our reception super stars! ⭐️
This young lady played in a football game at school a few months ago which mum says

“kicked off her love for football so we got her into a football club out of school, today she took part in her first full torment today and did amazing “ ??πŸ₯³
377246553_820153206780725_8623386020945388027_n.jpg 🏊‍♀️Reception have a superstar swimmer πŸŠ‍♀️ Well done! πŸ™‚
?‍??Big well done to this wonderful year 4 who has completed their Stage 5 swimming award! πŸŠ‍♂️





School Year 2022 - 2023





?‍??Well done to this young lady on passing her Stage 2 at swimming!?‍??






??Well done to this young lady on earning her red belt at karate ? 






?‍??Well done to this little lady, who has completed her Stage 3 in swimming! ??






??Well done to this young lady who received her trophy at the football presentation, for the Winsford Town Lionesses (U11)!?






?‍??Well done to this young lady on completing his Stage 1 in swimming! ??





?‍??Well done to this young man on completing his Stage 1 in swimming! ??






Well done to this young lady who did her first open water swim today! Well done ??










???Well done to this younng man on receiving boxer of the week and a football trophy!?










?Well done to this young man, on receiving a footbal trophy?





?Well done to this young lady, who has moved to the final stage of the swim team!?‍??






?‍??Well done to this young man on completing his level 1 in swimming!?






??This young lady was a ball girl for Witton Albion. Well done!?? 







??This young lady scored 4 goals in he football match and won 'girl of the match'. Well done!?





?This young lady has moved up to intermediate today in her horse riding. Well done! ?






??This young man and his football team won the league cup today. Well done!?





?‍??This young man received another badge for his swimming. Well done!?‍??





?‍??This young man received another badge for his swimming. Well done!?‍??






??This young man's team won the conference cup at the Winsford Town tournament on Monday. Well done!??





?This young lady won ‘Most Enthusiast Gymnast’. Well done!? 






?This young lady took part in her gymnastics show and then received a medal and trophy at her presentation. Well done ?





?This young lady received a medal for her gymnastics show and also got a trophy for the coaches' choice award. Well done! ?






?Well done to these young men this week on their grading!?





?This young lady achieved her level 7 award in gymnastics last week. Well done!.?





?‍??This young man passed his Level 1 at his swimming lessons this week, Well done!?‍??






This young man was picked as 'Boxer of the week' Well done! ?





?Man of the Match football for this young man today, well done! ?? 


336750926_1628329017619320_7036990085622693382_n (2).jpg




?A yellow belt for this young man! Well done ?






?This young lady had her first mini football tournament yesterday and won her first trophy! Well done! ?






??This young man played in his first tournament yesterday and got ‘player of the tournament’ Well done!??





This young man's football team (Winsford Town Saxons Under 12s) won the President’s cup match today with a 3-2 result. Well done!???






?‍??Well done on achieving your level 4 and level 2 in swimming this week!?‍??






?These little ladies received their first medal from Dance, the were so excited. Well done!?






??This young man, received play of the match, well done!?





?‍??This young lady can now swim a whole length (25m). Well done! ?





?This young lady has passed her level 2 in swimming and swam 10 metres! Well done!?‍??







This young man has won player of the week at football. Well Done! ???






?? Yellow belt for this little guy. Well done!?






?‍??This young man also recieved his first swimming badge. Well done!?





?‍??This young man recieved his first swimming badge. Well done! ?‍??






?‍??These little ladies starred in the dance show this weekend! and loved it! Well done girls! ?




?This young lady loved taking part in the dance showcase! Well done! ?





?This young lady was competing with her dance team in Sheffield today, 1st place - and they qualified for World Championships in August! Well Done ??





?This young man made his debut in the dance production on Saturday. Well done! ?





??This young lady took part in her first dance show at the weekend and loved every minute. Well done!






Well done to this super star for completing level 3 in swimming! Well Done???‍??





?Boxer of the Week for this superstar. Well done! ?







This young man passed his white belt today. Well done!?





?‍??Well done to this young man, Stage 3 swimming passed. Well done!






??Yesterday some of our footballers played at Crewe Alexandra!??






?‍??This young man Smashed Stage 2. Well done!!







Our Basketball players enjoyed their competition last night at The Winsford Academy!? 






This young lady is featured with her team in the newspaper - she plays in goal for Winsford Over 3s Lionesses U11 team!?? 







Look who got performer of the week at football this morning and is very proud of himself. Well done! ???








?? This young lady at it again another win and 5 more goals to her tally. Well done







?Well done for passing your first ballet and tap exam!






?This little spooky rider won her first horse riding rosette. Well done!?








This young man got TWO awards on Saturday at his football match. He got ‘Parents’ Player’ and ‘Man Of The Match’???







?‍??This young man received his swimming award tonight. Well done!







??This young man won the trophy this week, trying very hard, taking part in all activities and good listening to the coaches. Well done!?






This young man completed his Stage 4. Well done! ?‍??







??This young man won 'Man of the Match' on Saturday. Well done!?






??Look who won Trainer of the Week. ?Well done!





Another superstar with her medal ? for completing the colour rush.??? Well done!






This young lady participated in her first football ?? match on Saturday as goal keeper for her team. She’s really come out of her shell and discovered how much she likes her teammates as well as how much she enjoys being goal keeper! ?
What started as ‘learn a new sport’ for her Blue Peter Sport Badge - turned into something FUN and something she looks forward to. Well done!








??This young lady played her first match for Witton Albion and scored 9 goals ??








??This young lady scored a hat trick yesterday and won trainer of the week! Winsford cubs over 3s under 6s. Well done!?







This young lady danced ballet and hip hop in the big KD2TB showcase yesterday, she wanted me to tell school as she was so proud to receive a medal and certificate ??











This young man competed with his karate team in two events at the 2022 GB Open international competition this weekend. He's very proud to have come away with a bronze medal. Well done!?




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