School Council

We are Darnhall School Council.

We represent our school by being the children's voice and giving everybody the chance to share their ideas and have a say. We encourage everyone to think of great ideas to help the school. 

Classes have Circle Time where they have the chance to talk about issues that affect their class, year group, or the whole school. These issues are passed on to the school council. At the school council meetings we discuss, plan, take action or find someone who can help. We post discussion threads on the school web site for classes to talk about. 
This is a great way of making sure everybody gets heard.

We would like to say thank you for letting us be your School Councillors this year.
We are having a great time and have been very busy. 

If you would like to be on the school council next year then get involved in the voting system in your new class.

Here are some of the activities we were involved in last year:

Autumn Term - New school council voted in.
Chairperson,deputy chair and secretary 
Anti bullying Week
Spring Term - 'Responsibility' - our new half termly British Value theme
Summer Term - helping to organise the school Sports Day 


In 2015, the school council helped Winsford council design a new playground.




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Contact Us: Darnhall Primary School Sandyhill Road, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 1JL

Tel: 01606 593315 General enquiries please speak to Mrs Young in the school.