Pupil Voice

The School Council organised feedback from the school to find out how they felt the last year had gone and how we could improve things. First they met as a council and created a simple set of questions that they felt the whole school would be able to discuss in Circle Time during the transition day. This is a summary of the feedback given to the School Councillors.

1. What have you enjoyed in the last year?

Birds of prey
Trim Trail
Sports Day
Museum in Liverpool
Golden Nugget reward (mentioned frequently)
Saturday visit to the Ice Cream Farm
Jungle Gyms
Swimming (mentioned frequently)
Trips (mentioned frequently)
Dance lessons
Being with the teachers

2. What makes a good lesson?

Partner work
Sitting near friends
Sitting next to someone sensible
Independent work
Reading information
Finding information
Using laptops
Having a good teacher 
Having fun
Having a funny teacher
Learning but having fun
Being supported by the teacher and teaching assistant
Being able to talk with friends but being able to get on
Having a supportive teacher who knows when to laugh and not

3. Where and when do you feel happiest in school?

Everywhere! (mentioned often)
On the playground at 12.10pm (mentioned often)
Playground, playing in the sun
Feelings area in the classroom
During lessons
On the field with my friends
Playing outside
During lessons
End of the day
With my friends

4. You feel safe?

Not so much on the trim trail, you could fall off
In the school when we are learning because an adult is with us
I feel safe in the stinging bushes
I feel safe when the teachers are around (mentioned often)
I feel safe because our teachers keep us safe
Yes because the teachers are there 
I feel safe because I know I have someone to talk to

5. How could we make our school a better place?

Picking up rubbish
More equipment
Lunch on the field
Stop little ones throwing food
Watch a film while we eat
Home time earlier – at least an hour
Animal day every year
Less work in the classrooms
School pond
Pet day 3 times a year
Fish pond where people could be inspired by lovely fish
Come to school at 8 o’clock and finish at 2 o’clock
Rain forest
Better trim trail 
Do more art



Sandyhill Road,
CW7 1JL,
and Darnhall School Lane CW7 1JR
Mrs Sarah Tomlinson, Headteacher
Mr Davie Kindon, SEN Contact