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The aim of teaching Humanities at Darnhall is to foster a sense of wonder about history and geography. This will then inspire students to make sense of a complex and dynamically changing world and become global citizens.

Studying Humanities enables students to explore their own place in the world and builds on their own experiences to investigate places at all scales, from the personal to the global and including the past, present and future.


To enhance our geography curriculum we offer a wide range of themed days throughout the school year. This supports learning by bringing the subject to life and ensures that pupils learn about thier own country and it's culture but also those on each of the seven continents. Each child from reception is given a passport book and visits a country on that continent. They will learn all about the language, festivals and celebrations, traditions and customs and also the geographic location, features and climate. 

This initiative has been hugely successful and enriched the children's vocabulary, place knowledge, cultural impacts and global awareness. 


As well as teaching key stage skills children take part in themed events such as 'The Great Bake-Off', 'Fashion Through the Ages' and 'A History of Winsford'. These days enrich the  curriculum and offer a deeper understanding of chronology, ability to analyse and interpret and a wider comprehension of how events have impacted the modern world. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, culture and the ethos of the period. 

Despite the current situation in school children are delivered weekly Geography lessons via online learning using the Dojo Classroom. 


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