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All parents - please sign up to Class Dojo. For a video demonstration of how to do this, please watch Mrs Jardine's 'How-to' video on our school's Facebook page. 

Daily maths and English tasks will be set via the Portfoli section of the Class Dojo page and you will be able to submit your child's work to be viewed by Kaleidoscope staff. 

Weekly spellings and a weekly science task will also be set via the Class Dojo.


The staff in Kaleidoscope miss all of the children and we are all thinking about you all. Try to keep yourselves as busy as possible during this time. We hope you are enjoying completing your home learning packs. If you have not yet collected your pack, please email contact@darnhall.cheshire.sch.uk to arrange to collect them or we can post them out to you.

Below are some extra tasks and activities to keep you busy whilst you are at home.

Please remember to look after yourselves, love the Kaleidoscope Team. 


Years 1 and 2:

Creative Writing


Watch the link above and  Describe the different 'whistlers' that we meet in the video. For example, The yellow man, the police man, the tiger and the elephants. The children can describe the cars crashing and how the little bird is feeling throughout the story.


Number bonds





Use these details to login:

Usename: March20

Password: home


Years 3 and 4:

Creative Writing

Watch the following video 'Monkey Syphony': https://www.literacyshed.com/monkey-syphony.html 

Use the video to write a piece of dialogue (a coversation) between the characters. Ensure you are puncuating the direct speech accurately and following the rules for doing this. We have practied this a lot in class! Make sure you are also describing what the characters are doing and what is happening in the background. Have fun giving this silent short film a voice! 





Year 5:

Creative Writing

Click on the link below to watch the video called Pandora. After watching the video you could complete one of the following activities:

  1. Write a diary entry as if you have just arrived on Pandora. Think about what you could see, hear and how you felt. Describe Pandora and the creatures that you have seen.
  2. Write a setting description about one area of Pandora. Use exciting adjectives to describe the landscape or the types of creatures which can be found there. Select adventurous adverbs to describe how these creatures





Ideas for all year groups:

Get Creative!

Could you create a 'junk model' Saturn V5 Rocket? Use any old cartons and packaging to create your very own model of the Saturn V5 Rocket!

Stay Active

Try watching the BBC Supermover videos - a fun way to keep moving!

You could also try watching Joe Wicks's live P.E. lesson everyday at 9 AAM on YouTube. Why not join him?



We are investigating our emotional zones and learning to recognise people's body language and feelings. We are looking at the impact a person's feelings has on the people around them. Gradually, we are building up our personal tool kit that helps us to move back into the green zone - where we all prefer to be. 

Want to find out more? Click here! 

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