Key Stage 2 - Squirrel Class (Year 5) 2021 - 2022

Mr Dunning

Miss Nicholls


Hello Squirrels!


We all hope you had a lovely Christmas and are ready to get back to some fun and interesting learning! Below is some information about what activities we will be completing during the Spring term. Why don't you take a look?


Currently in Maths, we are having a look and completing fun activities with Fractions! We have been looking at fractions of shapes and equivalent fractions thus far. We plan to move onto adding and subtracting fractions as well as looking at fractions that are greater than 1 in the next couple of weeks.

As well as working hard on fractions, we also dedicate a day in the week to strengthen our arithmetic skills and recap work we have completed so far in the year to ensure our understanding of topics is not lost. During these sessions, we look at the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and complete interesting activities that challenge our arithmetic skills.

Times tables are also an important area of learning to us and we practise these every day on our school tablets. We complete a fun times table activitiy on a Friday morning where we have the opportunity to climb our times table tracker and gain prizes!

Here are some useful links including Times Tables Rock Stars! Why don't you challenge your friends or myself on the app to a rock battle? Did you know? I am a 'Rock Legend' on the app and I am recruiting children to become apart of my times tables rock band!


We have recently started our new text called Arthur and the Golden rope. We are beginning to realise that this book has strong links to the norse gods of Thor, Loki and Odin. We have explored what Norse mythology is and we are now working our way through the text whilst producing some fantastic work. I wonder what will happen next? Will Arthur survive on his deadly quest?

Arthur and the Golden Rope: 1 (Brownstone's Mythical Collection, 1): Joe Todd Stanton: 9781911171034: Books


Our topic this term is Materials. So far this year, we have looked at properties of materials and how some materials can change their state. We have conducted lots of fantastic science experiments including the Snowman's coat, dissolving and melting chocolate. What is going to be next I hear you say? You will have to wait and see and look out for clues on our ClassDojo page!

What are materials? | TheSchoolRun

Physical Eduaction

At the moment, we have been practising our Hockey skills and are currently competing against each other in teams. We are looking at improving our attacking and defending skills as well as our teamwork skills which is in line with our scheme of work 'Complete P.E.' We have done brilliantly in lessons which has led to some individuals being chosen to represent our school in competitions at the Winsford Academy!

Hockey - Activities & Opportunities - Sport Aberdeen

Geography and History

During this term, we will be looking at Kings and Queens in History. The children will complete a timeline of some famous Kings and Queens and then research some information about their chosen favourite. Our first monarch that will be under the spotlight in our lessons is William I! He is also known as William the Conquerer! 

Kings & Queens Throughout History - HistoryExtra


At the moment, we are studying the famous artisist Joan Miro and creating our own pieces of abstract Art. During the last week of term, we will be using modelling clay to create sculptures that are linked to Miro's pieces of art.

Audio guide JOAN MIRÓ FOUNDATION - Collection - Tour Guide | MyWoWo


We have been doing lots of activities linked with French so far this year! Activities such as counting to 100 in french and using euros during role play sessions to buy and sell objects. All of this has been completed using the French language! Wow!

France | History, Map, Flag, Capital, & Facts | Britannica

I hope all of the children are enjoying being in Squirrel class just as much as myself. We are having a wonderful year and I cannot wait to complete more activities with the class!

Mr. Dunning

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