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English: Autumn 1

Star of Fear, Star of Hope : Hoestlandt, Jo: Books

Star of Fear, Star of Hope is a fantastic text to begin the year with as it links perfectly with our History unit: The World Wars. Over the next 6 weeks, year 6 will be delving deep into this fabulous book and they will develop their existing English skills as well as developing new ones. Here below are the targets for this upcoming English unit.


Mastery Keys: These are the different skills your children will display throughout their writing in this unit of work.

  • Use relative clauses beginning with who, which, where, when, whose, that or an omitted relative pronoun

  • Adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility

  • Use a wider range of devices to build cohesion across paragraphs

  • Link ideas using tense choices

Maths - Autumn 1

To begin the academic year, year 6 will be covering Place Value. 

Place value is the first mathematics unit in Year 6. The place value mats below show some of the expectations in this area of mathematics for Year 5 and 6.

It is very important the children are secure in this area of maths because having great confidence in knowing and working with whole and decimals numbers underpins lots of other areas of mathematics.

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Science - Animals Including Humans

Children will build on their knowledge and understanding of different systems within the body. They will research the parts and functions of the circulatory system. They will focus on how nutrients are transported around the human body. Children will explore how a healthy lifestyle supports the body to function and how different types of drugs affect the body.
bp educational service | Animals, including humans topic starter

Wider Learning

Go Online: Learn and recap about the human body using this interactive site -


- Feed me (Classifying Organisms) -

- How do cigarettes affect the body? -

- Alcohol effects on the brain and body -

- What happens inside your body when you exercise? -

- The Nervous System -

App: Explore an interactive model of the human body and dive into the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. The heart beats, guts gurgle, lungs breathe, and eyes see -

Go Online: The Circulatory System -


- Enter a virtual operating theatre and carry out a heart transplant.

- Play the Blood Typing game and find out more about blood types.

Design a clinical trial to investigate the causes of heart disease in this Centre of the Cell interactive game.

Topic - History

This term, we are going to delve into the exciting topic called, 'The World Wars'. We will begin in chronological order: World War 1. We will be looking into how this war was started and what unfolded in the year 1914 to 1919 and how the UK was impacted throughout. Additionally, we shall be linking our English unit and furthering our English skills with some cross-curricular writing opportunities. 

   A soldier with a rifle in a trench in World War One




For this half term, our PE day is a THURSDAY and our focus will be hockey. 

Remember, on your PE day, you should come to school wearing your PE kit for the entire day. As our PE sessions will be outside, we recommend that you wear a suitable outdoor PE kit.

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