Key Stage 2 - Beech (Year 4) 2019 - 2020

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Welcome to Beech Class Year 4

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Hello Beech Class! 

Miss Lupton here! I hope you are all well and looking forward to completing some exciting home learning! Every Monday by 10am, I will have updated our class webpage to provide you with some exciting challenges, imaginative writing opportunities, helpful videos and some creative activities that could be completed alone or with the whole family! 

You could send some of this super work to the school Facebook page and maybe your fabulous learning will be shared with our school community! 

I am missing teaching each and everyone of you but am glad I can help you complete some super home learning! Keep safe, keep smiling and be amazing! 

Miss Lupton xx



7 X ? = 49                      ? X 7 = 56

? X 6 = 42                      11 X ? = 110

? X 9 = 81                      ? X 3 = 36  

8 X ? = 72                      5 X ? = 60



Watch the following video 'Monkey Syphony': 

Use the video to write a piece of dialogue (a coversation) between the characters. Ensure you are puncuating the direct speech accurately and following the rules for doing this. We have practied this a lot in class! Make sure you are also describing what the characters are doing and what is happening in the background. Have fun giving this silent short film a voice! 



I know you all love this one!!

This week I am focusing my catchy video around SPAG! It will help with your understanding of homophomes. The video is a rap explaining the difference between there, their and they're. It is very catchy and I'm sure you and your family will be rapping along in no time! 


A CREATIVE ACTIVITY... - art tutorial link. 

This week, the creative activity is a video tutorial showing you how to draw a volcano! This links to our current geography and English focus. I am sure you will complete some excellent pieces of art and I'm sure your family could join you in completing this arty activity! Have fun! 



I know every single member of Beech Class love watching and joining in with the BBC Supermover videos so why not try them with your family at home? They are great for learning different skills like timestable as well as staying fit and active. 

Also, remember, Joe Wicks is completing a live P.E. lesson everyday. Why not join him at 9am?


Send any pictures of completed work or any videos to the school Facebook page as I would absolutely love to see! 

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