Key Stage 2 - Badgers (Year 6) 2020 - 2021

Mr Baxendale

Miss Evans

Mrs Mason

Welcome to Badgers

Welcome everybody to Badgers, this is going to be a huge year for you all, as it is your last year of Primary School and more specifically, Darnhall Primary School.

This year, we are all going to learn, progress and have fun. This year can sometimes be a stressfull and strange year as many things in your life are changing so quickly. Just note, we are always here for you and will ensure you have the best final year of Primary School.

This page will provide you with extra information on the work we are completing in school, additional support for most subjects and links to fun games for maths and english.

See youn all very soon.


Mr Baxendale, Miss Evans and Mrs Mason


Here are the spellings for wc 07.09.2020

Red Group:
1. walked
2. walking
3. running
4. skipped
5. skipping
6. waving
7. waved
8. hoped
9. hoping
10. baking
11. baked
12. clapping

Blue Group:
1. sure
2. unsure
3. closure
4. treasure
5. measure
6. pleasure
7. enclosure
8. pressure
9. leisure
10. reassure
11. exposure
12. composure

Green Group:
1. bough
2. enough
3. though
4. thought
5. rough
6. cough
7. bought
8. drought
9. tough
10. although
11. dough
12. plough


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