Butterfly Class & Dragonfly Class (Foundation Stage 2) 2021 - 2022

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Butterflies & Dragonflies

Welcome to our class page! Here you will find lots of useful information about our learning and about the things we are getting up to in Reception.

A big welcome to all our new Reception starters. 

During the first few weeks, we will be focusing on classroom routines and rules as we explore our new environment together. We will learn where to put our things when we come in, how to self register, what to do if we need the toilet or are thirsty, what areas and resources we have to play with and how to be a kind friend to others. 

Our topic theme for this half term will be 'Who am I'. This is so that we can get to know your children as best as we can and adapt their learning to follow their interests. We are excited to learn about what excites your child and where that will take us!

There will be a big focus on early literacy (reading and writing) and early maths as we learn to identify our own names and initial sounds and practise counting and recognising number in numeral and quantity.

Our main book this half term is going to be 'The Gingerbread Man' where we will enhance the areas of the continuous provision to engage and hook children into the book and extend their learning in stimulating and practical way. However, we will be reading a variety of different books alongside 'The Gingerbread Man' to expose children to more vocabulary that they might not yet know and to spark children's curiosity and imagination.

We really encourage you to read regularly with your children as this has a massive impact on children's Literacy skills. 

We will also be introducing Read Write Inc which will start as a quick 5-10 minuite session looking at one sound a day.

Reception will also be focusing on a nursery rhyme a week aswell as singing lots of other songs. 

Nursey Rhyme focus

Week 1 - Little Bo Peep

Week 2 - I’m a Little Teapot

Week 3 - The Grand Old Duke of York

Week 4 -  Jack and Jill

Week 5 - The Wheels on the Bus

Week 6 - Hey Diddle, Diddle

Week 7 - Little Miss Muffet


This will take place every Monday for both Butterfly and Dragonfly class so please make sure children come to school wearing their P.E kit. 

Forest school

This will take place every Wednesday for both Butterfly and Dragonfly class so please make sure children come to school wearing their Forest School kit.

Below are some useful links and activities:




These websites have loads of Maths games to play.



Phonics Play are giving free access with the username march20 and the password home 



GoNoodle has lots of videos and activities to keep your fit and healthy (scroll down, you don't need to register)

Join in with the nation doing your daily Joe Wicks workout on You Tube!

Cosmic Kids Yoga on You Tube

Spend ten minutes a day with these activities based on Disney movies.

The Yorkshire Sport Foundation have made a range of videos demonstrating different PE skills.

The Sports Partnership has provided some fantastic ideas for staying active at home for all the family

Here are some fun videos to keep little ones active with Boogie Beebies.

10 minute shake up activities based on Disney movies are a fun way to get moving.



Singing Medicine is providing videos of songs to join in with - you might just recognise some of them that Miss Capron-Tee uses! 

SingUp are working on providing a range of music videos and resources for free 

Young Voices have lots of singing and dancing videos to keep everyone busy

The Sing King You Tube channel has absolutely LOADS of karaoke backing tracks for all your favourite songs. Why don't you have a karaoke night once a week? You could even make your own fake microphone from a rolled up paper tube with a ball of scrunched up paper taped on top! 





You might find some inspiration for some art projects here 

Crayola have lots of colouring pages and activities to try at home 

Olaf Falafel is making some super fun art videos.




The Premier League has a wealth of football-based learning activities (including Literacy and Maths) to explore.

This great website has all sorts of child-friendly science experiments, and includes a section for Early Years

There are lots of learning ideas on this website.

Classroom Secrets have made some awesome home learning packs for each year group.

Hamilton have free Maths and English learning at home packs which they are adding to regularly.

Twinkl have made loads of resources free to parents. Just click on the parents hub.

The Scholastic website has two weeks worth of activities available for free, including reading and educational videos. It is from the USA, but is still a great resource.

Starfall is another site from the USA but with loads of great resources including Maths and Literacy games and books to read. You have to subscribe for full access, but a number of them are free.

The Collins website has some Maths and Literacy resources for 3-5 year olds: 

These websites have a wide range of different online activities.

This is a great website which give you a sequence of learning which you may find useful.

This website has lots of Science activities, and the links at the top will take you to activities for health, environmental skills, computer skills and life skills.

TTS have home learning packs for each age group to download




  • Write little notes to each other. Encourage your child to draw, write or make marks themselves.
  • Make a postbox in your house and everyone can pass messages or pictures to each other - take it in turns to be the post person and deliver the mail!
  • Play any board games you have. 
  • Cook or bake together (even if it is as simple as making a sandwich together)
  • Make a treasure basket of things found in the garden.
  • Play phonics games. (Touch something beginning with the ssssss sound... I spy something beginning with ffff... Make a collection of things rhyming with cat...)
  • Interview someone in your family and find out things you didn't know about them.
  • Set up a points chart for things like keeping your bedroom tidy and doing household chores - at the end of each week, whoever has the most points is crowned "House Mega-Star".
  • Make play-doh (flour, a little salt and enough water to make a dough). What will make the best dough? More flour? More salt? Less water? Experiment to find the best play-doh recipe.
  • Household Olympics - every day run a different event (how about who can run up the stairs fastest? Or balance on one leg for the longest? Or do the most star jumps during the Eastenders opening music?)
  • Put on a concert (plan who will sing or perform what, find backing tracks on You Tube with adult help, rehearse, work out what you will wear, make a leaflet about it, make a poster to tell people in the house when it will happen)











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